Our Work

Education Assistance

We will use 100% of your donation to fund the education of students internationally that otherwise have no way to continue their education and bring themselves and their families out of poverty.

Ukraine Healthcare Training

In Ukraine, Forca Foundation has partnered with Ukrainian American Medical Support Initiative (UAMSI), to provide much-needed trauma medicine training to Ukrainian Medics in the second year of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The team is providing mobile training support and equipment to ensure Ukrainian Medics have access to the best possible current trauma medicine in order to save lives. All members of the team have extensive experience in Ukraine during the conflict.

Hurricane Response

Forca Foundation is committed to helping those that continue to be impacted by hurricanes in the Caribbean and have no means to rebuild on their own. In Puerto Rico, Forca Foundation has partnered with ReHace to help send teams to rebuild houses that were destroyed by Hurricane Maria. These houses were destroyed by the hurricane but were not provided insurance money to cover repairs, forcing families to live anywhere they could find shelter. Our teams have helped rebuild an entire house and repaired a church and community center that lost its roof and couldn’t provide for the citizens.

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